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Honors Chemistry
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1.   Grades will be determined on a percentage basis and will accumulate through the semester.  The following scale will be used: 


A 100 – 90.0%                 B 89.9 - 80.0%                        C 79.9 - 70.0%

D 69.9 – 60.0%    


We will cover several chapters during the semester. Grades will be determined from a combination of daily work, participation, attendance,  labs, homework, quizzes, and tests. You will be given the option to retake any test for up to 90% credit (for that unit) if you complete all of the qualifying assignments from that unit. Retakes must be completed before the next test. Exceptions can be made at the instructors discretion. In addition, you will be assessed on laboratory work and participation.  The final exam will be worth 15% of your total grade.


2.  All absences will require completion of daily assigned work for the day(s) absent. The basic rule on time lines for completion of make up work will be a maximum of two (2) days for each day absent. This will be shortened if the absence is due to a scheduled school activity (ex. field trip).  It may also be lengthened by mutual consent in cases of extended illness.  Work for a pre-excused absence should be completed and turned in before the absence. 


3.   Students that miss a chapter test must take the make-up exam before the next chapter test is given.  A score of zero will be given if one fails to complete the make-up on time.


  4. All students are expected to:


      - be to class on time with all necessary materials.                                                                                     (Notebook, calculator, and a writing instrument)  

      - remain at his/her desk or lab station until class is dismissed.

      - use cell phones for instructional purposes only.

- remain quiet during Spartan Scene or school announcements

- follow policies as outlined in the student/faculty handbooks.

        - follow the plagiarism policy as outlined in the student/faculty handbooks. 

  (The instructor may assign no credit or reduced credit for plagiarized work.)

      -follow all lab safety instructions and precautions.

(The instructor may assign no credit or reduced credit for unsafe lab practices.)


5. HELP The best time to meet with me is before school. I usually arrive at 7:05 each morning. After school is not a great time due to my involvement as a coach. I can also be reached by email at 


6. This year you will have the option of using an online text book which can be accessed at and to use the book you need to enter activation code c02a16d39d    for students without internet access or those who would like a traditional text book, they may be checked out from the teacher. Also if you have trouble with the online version. Please check you preferences on adobe reader:

1: Open Adobe Reader

2: Under edit click preferences

3: Select internet and make sure display PDF in browser is checked.

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