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English / History War Project Links

Before engaging in google fu, here are some links that may be helpful for your War Project.

War Poets / War Poems

Poetry of WW2 – Poetry Foundation – Timeline of the war in poems.

World War 2 Poets (Sampler from Poetry Foundation)

War Poems Throughout History:

Top Ten War Poems a few from WW2

Vietnam War Poetry
Sources to begin a search:

60’s Poems / Vietnam War

American Experience 5 Poems about Vietnam War

Iraq Soldier Describes War in Poetry

General Search for Poets  / Poetry Reference Center:

Search the Poetry Foundation Site

Browse for poets and poems at the Academy of American Poets site.

EBSCO Poetry and Short Story Reference Center  (find Biographies of Poets),uid&profile=prc


Media of the Time

Magazines: Browse "Poetry" Magazines since 1912

Magazines: Life Magazines 1930s – 1970’s (on Google Books)

Music: Billboard Top Songs of the Year (US)

Novels: Good Reads Most Popular Books in Year ____

Dance  - Timeline of Popular Dances

US Movies: IMDB - Most popular feature (by year) change the year in the web address,asc&title_type=feature&year=1949,1949
(or google: IMDB + Most Popular feature +year

US Movies: Oscars Movie award site - Who won what and when?

Movies International:  What movie was popular worldwide during the year of your choice? Find out here.   Change the drop-down menu to fit your research (as best as it can).

Movies Int'l  For movie box office data (for some countries) from the early 2000's on, click on a country and click yearly.

Movies International: Does your country currently have a theater? Maybe a website? If you're lucky, email them (use google translate) and ask about popular movies in the year ___.

Newspapers: Search and read the Chicago Tribune (many dates available online)

Newspapers/Magazines - Mid-1980s on - Proquest Newspaper Database:

Newspapers: 1798- 1924 Newspapers from Library of Congress

Poetry:  Timeline of major poetical and historical events:

Online Map Libraries

University of Texas Map Library

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Library of Congress Map Library

Even More About Poetry

Big List of Online Resources from Poetry Foundation:

How Poetry Works

Understand a Poem

Poetic Devices:

Examples of Poetic Forms

50 Poetic Forms:

Really big list of possible poem forms:

Big List of poets (with some poems) from The Poet’s Corner

BBC’s Small List of really Famous Poets :

Paris Review: Interviews of writers  1950’s to today (sorted by decades):

Poetry International Rotterdam / search from European perspective

Hear Poetry: SFSU Digital Archive of Poetry Readings (Hear 1950’s and 60’s Famous Poets Reading their work

Watch Poetry: VOCA, the University of Arizona Poetry Center's Audio Video Library

Poemage (poem+image) is a visualization system for exploring the sonic topology of a poem.  You might have to install this at home or ask IT for help on this one.


Good luck on your projects!

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