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Here are links to sources that may help with your History / Social Studies Research

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Nuclear Proliferation:
Good "Starter" Databases: -  World History in Context: Nuclear Prolilferatiion  
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO)  
                                                    - Explora Teens (EBSCO)

Encyclopedia Britannica: - Nuclear Proliferation 

Articles:  Time Magazine -  Nuclear Weapons/Topic - US Number of Nuclear Weapons - Regional Nuclear War
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: nuclear proliferation
BBC News: Nuclear Proliferation
Politico:  Nuclear Proliferation
NY Times Topic: Nuclear Weapons
Google results in .gov: Nuclear Proliferation

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Nuclear Energy - Nuclear Proliferation
Institute for Policy Studies - Nuclear Proliferation
Green Peace - Nuclear Energy  -   Nuclear Weapons
Global Zero:  A World Without Nuclear Weapons
Mr. Hunter's "finds" - Kargil War - BT/Pro Nuclear Weapons - Lost Your Nukes?
Union of Concerned Scientists - Nuclear Weapons
A Good Pro/Con List from an unreliable site - soak in the ideas + search on / don't cite them here
A Good Nuclear Energy Overview  from an unreliable site - look for new ideas here + search on / don't cite them here
Our World in Data: Nuclear Weapons
Local / Regional Article:  Air Force Punishes 70 for Nuclear Mistake 

TED Talks:

Ted Talk: Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy (not weapons) Debate 
Ted Talk: How fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment
Ted Talk: How to Survive A Nuclear Attack
Ted Talk: Could Nuclear Weapons Save the Planet?
Ted Talk: The World Doesn't Need More Nuclear Weapons
Ted Talk: Does the World Need Nuclear Energy


Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context: Terrorism 
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                 - Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica:  Terrorism 

Articles: Time Magazine  Terrorism/Topic - Mass Murder or Terrorism - Terrorism Magazine Covers
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Article

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Terrorism
BBC News: Terrorism Articles (Google search results)  - Islamic State Conflict
Politico:  Terrorism 
NY Times Topic: Terrorism
Google results in .gov: Terrorism

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation: Terrorism - 40 Terror Plots Foiled - Terror Watchlist Explained
Institute for Policy Studies - Terrorism articles
Fox News - Terrorism 
Brookings Institute - Blackwater Article
Our World In Data: Terrorism
Mr. Hunter's "finds" - Raqqa's Dirty Secret - US Terrorism Overview by Decade(Univ. of MD- START)
             - Social Media Networks and Terrorism - Lone Wolf Terrorists - Global Terrorism Index report 2017

Union of Concerned Scientists - Nuclear Terrorism
MSNBC: 20 Years after Oklahoma City
The Atlantic: The Geography of Terrorism
The Guardian: How the Changing Media is Changing Terrorism
Local Article - St. Kate's / Arson

TED Talks:

Ted Talk: The Link Between Unemployment and Terrorism
Ted Talk: The Surprising Way Groups Like ISIS Stay in Power
Ted Talk: The Secret US Prisons You've Never Heard Of
Ted Talk: I Survived a Terrorist Attack - Here's what I learned
Ted Talk: I Am the Son of a Terrorist - Here's How I Chose Peace
Video Data: Earth TimeLapse - Terrorism USA - Terrorism Global View - Other TimeLapses


Ethnic Violence  - Genocide:
Good "Starter" Databases:  World in History In Context : Genocide - Ethnic Violence
                                                  - Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                  - Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica:  Genocide   - Ethnic Conflict  - Ethnic Cleansing

Articles: - Time Magazine: Brief History of Genocide - UN & Myanmar - Mass Graves/Rwanda
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Ethnic Violence - Genocide
BBC News: Ethnic Violence - Genocide - Rohingya Crisis
Politico: The Genocide the US Didn't See ComingBurundi on the Cusp
NY Times Topic:  Global Pattern of Ethnic Cleansing  - Crimes Against Humanity 
Google results in .gov: Ethnic Violence  - Genocide

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Sounding the Alarm in BurmaIsis Genocide - Mao Zedong
Institute for Policy Studies - Muslim Nations Protect RohingyaUS Guilty in Guatemala
Holocaust Museum: - What is Genocide? - Preventing Genocide   - Cases
Amnesty International: - Rohingya Crisis - Central Af. Rep. Ethnic Cleansing - War Crimes

Reuters: Massacre in Myanmar
Our World In Data: Genocides - Civil Wars
Mr. Hunter "finds"  -  I Saw A Genocide in Slow Motion - China Conducts  Mass Arrests
  - UN Says Facebook is accelerating ethnic violence in Myanmar 
    - Restoring Hope for People Replaced by Ethnic Violence

Yale Law Center - Persecution of the Rohingya Musliim
Local: MN has the most refugees per capita in the US. Will that continue?

TED Talks:
Ted Talk: Eradicating Genocide Is Our Responsibility
Ted Talk: A Young Poet Tells the Story of Darfur
Ted Talk:  The Path to Ending Ethnic Conflicts
Ted Talk: Demand A Fair Trade Cell Phone 
Ted Talk: To Solve Mass Violence Look to Locals  
Ted Talk: Why Saying "never again" to Genocide is not Enough


World Hunger and Poverty:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context: World Hunger - Poverty
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                  -  Explora Teens (EBSCO)

Encyclopedia Britannica: Global Food Crisis Famine - Drought - Malnutrition

Articles:  Time Magazine:  What the World Eats - Fight Against Famine - World Food Security Crisis
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: World Hunger - World Poverty
BBC News: The Face of Hunger - Why are there Still Famines?
Politico:  World Hunger (topic page)
NY Times Topic: A Road Map for Eradicating W H - World Food Program - Best Year In History?
Google results in .gov: World Hunger - World Poverty

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  How US Food Aid Keeps the 3rd World Hungry - Hunger & Food Programs -   
                                       - Foreign Aid Is Not the Answer to Global Poverty. Look to Freedom.

Institute for Policy Studies - The Hunger President - 50 Years Since MLK Declared War on Poverty - 11 Facts about world hunger
World Health Org:  World Hunger is on the rise
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Cost of Hungry Children Revealed  - IFPRI Global  Hunger Index - 
    - Why World Hunger isn't going away as fast as we'd hoped   - World Poverty Clock

Our World In Data -  Hunger and Undernourishment
Nat Geo: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables can solve world hunger
Local/MinnPost: - Mind The Gaps: Reducing Hunger by Improving Yields on Small Farms 
- Globalization hasn't affected what we grow and eat as much as you think
TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  Ending Hunger Now
Ted Talk: Hunger isn't a food issue. It's a logistics issue.
Ted Talk: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now.
Ted Talk: Bono: The good news on poverty. 


Global Health Pandemics:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context : Global Health
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                   - Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica:  Pandemic - Epidemic - Influenza -  H1N1 - Cholera - Plague - AIDS - Malaria 
Articles: Time Magazine:  World Not Ready for the Next Pandemic - Topic:Pandemic - How to Prepare
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Pandemic - Global Health
BBC News: How You Can Stop A Pandemic - 2018 US Flu
Politico:  WHO/Swine Flu - WHO Doctor Out
NY Times Topic: - Pandemic - World Health
Google results in .gov: Pandemic  -  World Health

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Swine Flu What every American Should know.  - Terrorist Bird Flu - 
                                   - How Economic Freedom Promotes Better Health Care,
Institute for Policy Studies - Health over wealth for the World's Richest, But What about the rest of us?
                                           - Game Changers In Global Aids Fight
Ebola -  Is Ebola a Pandemic or Epidemic? - Mapping Ebola

Our World In Data:  Global Health
Mr. Hunter "finds" -  How I Survived Spanish Flu  -
         - Lessons from the fake pandemic of 1942 
         - 7 Reasons We're More at Risk than ever of a Global Pandemic

A Noah find - History of Cholera in NYC
Union of Concerned Scientists - SARS: A Pandemic Prevented Track Flu and Ebola with Live Map
UN Chronicle: National Security and Pandemics
Local: Swine Flu Vaccine Arrives in Minnesota (2009) - MN Health Dept. Issues Flu Plan (2009)

TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  How Pandemics Spread
Ted Talk: Lessons from the 1918 Flu
Ted Talk: Help me stop pandemics
Ted Talk: The next outbreak? We're not ready.


Human Rights:
Good "Starter" Databases:  - World History in Context: Human Rights
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                   Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica:  Human Rights 

Articles: Time Magazine: Human Rights (topic page) - Human Trafficking (topic page)
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Human Rights
BBC News: Human Rights (topic page) - What's China Accused Of?
Politico:  Human Rights (Topic page) - Human Rights Campaign
NY Times Topic: Human Rights
Google results in .gov: Human Rights  - Global Human Rights

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  - From Natural Rights to Human Rights and Beyond
                                          - US Human Rights Institution, a Bad Idea - US Should Pursue Different Council

Institute for Policy Studies - US Human Rights Record - Human Rights Integrated Into investments
Amnesty International : - Universal Declaration of Human Rights  - From their newsroom - Start Page -  Human Rights Watch Daily Brief HRW Reports

Our World In Data : Human Rights
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Amnesty International Accuses Trump - Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition to PoliceAljazeera: Human Rights News  -  ACLU: Human Rights
UN: Protect Human Rights
Local:  - MN Department of Human Rights 
            - Students of color, disabled likelier to face school discipline- with lasting effects

TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  Why I believe the mistreatment of women is number one human rights abuse.
Ted Talk:  The power of citizen video to create undeniable truths
Ted Talk: Why climate change is a threat to human rights.
Ted Talk: We need to talk about an injustice


Immigration / Population Growth:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World HIstory In Context : Immigratoin (sp)  - Population Growth
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                 - Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica: Immigration - Population Explosion - Population Growth

Articles:  Time Magazine - Immigration (topic page) - World @ 7 Billion - ZPG Article
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Immigration - Population Growth 
BBC News: World Immigration (topic) - US ImmigrationPopulation Growth
Politico:  Immigration (topic) -  Where will 70% of World Live in 2050
NY Times Topic: - Immigration - Population 
Google results in .gov: Immigration  - Global Immigration - Population Growth - World Pop.

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  US Immigration (topics page)Fix Immigration Loophole - Population Alarmists 
Institute for Policy Studies Immigration Linked to Human Trafficking 
                                                  - Is Population Alarm A Modern Day Eugenics?

Green Peace - Immigration -  Population Growth - 
Our World In Data: Migration  World Population Growth  -  Future Population Growth
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Immigration - The Graying World -  Population Growth
Breathing Earth: Live population and CO2 map
Local: Immigration Arrest Soar in St. Paul  
TwinCitiesBusiness: -Trepidation in the heartland  - The real immigration crisis

TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  What we're missing in the debate about Immigration  
Ted Talk: What's it like to be the child of immigrants
Ted Talk: Don't ask me where I'm from, ask me where I'm local.
Ted Talk: Global population growth- box by box.
Ted Talk: The Earth is Full


Globalization & World Economics:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context : Globalization - World Economics
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                  - Explora Teens (EBSCO)
Encyclopedia Britannica:   Cultural Globalization -  Globalization/Topic - World Economic Forum

Articles: Time Magazine: - Globalization (topic page) -  False Promise of Protectionism
                                                  - CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Globalization
BBC News: Will Globalization take your job away? - Why is Globalisation Under Attack?
Politico:  Globalization (Topic) - Globalization Magazine Articles
NY Times Topic: Globalization  - Globalization's Backlash
Google results in .gov: Globalization

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Visualize Globalization - Indian Globalization
Institute for Policy Studies Anti-Globalization Movement Endures
Forbes - Pros and Cons of Globalization
Our World In Data: Globalization/Econ. Development - International Trade
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Globalization Has Marginalized Many Regions in the rich world 
         - How Global Brands Compete - Top Global Websites - Top20 world sites in 2018

Europe: Globalisation: In-depth reports from the bbc.  (Europe spells globalization with an s)
Local Globalization Project:  Target Stores in Canada  
                      UMN - Globalization hasn't affect what we grow and eat as much as you think

TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  Actually, the world isn't flat.
Ted Talk: The Myth of Globalization
Ted Talk: Interconnectivity: The new structure of the new economy.
Ted Talk: Who controls the world?


Advancing Technology:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context : Advancing Tech - Rapidly Advancing Tech
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                  - Explora Teens (EBSCO)

Encyclopedia Britannica: Space Age Technology - Digital Electronics 

Articles: Time Magazine: - Technology(topic) - Tech(topic) - Most Influential People in Tech
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Advancing Technology
BBC News: Battle with the Bots - Appointment with a Machine
Politico: Technology (topic) - US Tech Privacy Debate as EU Changes Rules
NY Times Topic: - Technology - People, Not Technology Advance Change
Google results in .gov: Advancing Technology - Global Technology

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Technology (Topic page)  - Technology Increases Living Standards
Institute for Policy Studies - Why Inequality Turns Technology Toxic
Green Peace - Advancing Technology
Our World In Data: Technology Diffusion & Adoption -  Technological Progress
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Uber SUV Saw Pedestrian - Uber Disabled Emergency Brakes 
- Digital Fabrication and Politics - How Robots will Break Politics - Driverless Cars Won't be Perfectly Safe    - EnerKem-Trash to Fuel  -

GDPR 2018: Data Privacy in Europe
Google: 8 Ways Tech is revolutionizing fashion
Local Corporation - IBM: Emerging technology 2018

TED Talks:

Ted Talk:  The accelerating power of technology.
Ted Talk: How does technology evolve?
Ted Talk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine
Ted Talk: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?
Ted Talk: What if 3d Printing was 100X Faster?
Ted Talk: Adjustable Liquid-Filled Glasses
Ted Talk:  How a driverless car sees the road


Environmental Change:
Good "Starter" Databases: - World History In Context - Environmental Change - Global Warming
Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO) 
                                                   Explora Teens (EBSCO)

Encyclopedia Britannica: Climate Change  - Ecosystemic Approach - Environmental Economics

Articles: Time Magazine: - Environmental articles - Humans Have Caused Global Warming for longer...                                                             - CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Research Articles

From the web:
Sweetsearch - reliable web results for: Environmental Change 
BBC News: Possible Effects - What is Climate Change?
Politico:  Climate Change (topic) - Trumps Climate Science Doubters
NY Times Topic: Environmental Change
Google results in .gov: Environmental Change

Think Tanks, Alternative Views, etc:
Heritage Foundation:  Environment (topic page)  - State of Climate Science Fossil Fuels Will Help 
Institute for Policy StudiesPoorer People at Risk with Climate  - Racial Politics of Climate Change
Apple: Green Energy
Our World In Data: CO2 EmissionsWater Access etc.Natural CatastrophesAir Pollution - Oil Spills
Mr. Hunter "finds" - Climate Change Dials Down Atlantic Heating System 
- Are we entering the 6th Mass ExtinctionCan we Learn from the Dinosaurs? 
- Great Pacific Garbage Patch -  EnerKem - Trash to fuel  - Europe Commission Takes on Plastic

Breathing Earth: Live Population and CO2 Map
African Union: Great Green Wall Site -  News Coverage
Monsanto: Modern Agriculture combating climate change
Smithsonian: Corn Plastic to the Rescue
LOCAL:   5 Ways MN is better because of the Next Generation energy act
MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)  - Climate Change Web page 
MPCA in the News: Landfill or Waste to Energy? 

Data from MN State Government: MN Energy and Environment Report Card 2017

TED Talks:

Ted Talk: Why I Must Speak Out about Climate Change
Ted Talk: Emergent Patterns of Climate Change
Ted Talk: Time-Lapse Proof of Glacial Loss
Ted Talk: Let's Prepare for our New Climate

EASY DATABASE ACCESS for Home or Public Library:
Access the databases at home or RPL by using 
Log in tip.  Top box:school name   Middle box: Student id number  Bottom box: school password   The site adds the passwords to the databases automatically.

BRAINSTORMING and need a reliable site? 
Try the UN's Global Issues Site.  Click here.

BRAINSTORMING with not quite a reliable source, (but a good topic idea generator) is: 
Please follow the references to their original source.
Make sure the original sources are reliable. 

Need help with determining if your sources are credible:

 - OWL -How Do I know if a source is credible?
- Want to see a chart of media bias in TV and Print news...
   it's at
- Don't have a lot of time? Use the CRAP Test on your source.
- Wow- finished early and have a lot of time,
   here's Harvard's Questions to Ask About All Sources Start Page

Finally: I hope that you picked a topic that you can personally connect with,
that will make all the difference in your project and research. 

Here was a research project that I personally connected with,
on Women's Professional Golf.  

Good luck on your project. Hope the links above helped.   

Mr. Hunter
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