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Rex Wiederanders

Welcome to my website!  I hope that your experience in chemistry is challenging, exciting and most of all, fun.  Please use the link to my website below to get course materials and information.

I am almost always around after school to help and answer questions in room 2-228.

My schedule this quarter is:

Period 1 - AP Chemistry
Period 2 – AP Chemistry
Period 3 -
​Period 4 - Honors Chemistry
Period 5 -
Period 6 –
Period 7 - AP Chemistry
Period 8 - Honors Chemistry

Rex Wiederanders

The Moodle Site for Honors Chemistry can be found by clicking on this link.

The Moodle Site for AP Chemistry can be found by clicking on this link.




Contact Information:  Rex Wiederanders (  328-5571


Class Information can be found on the MHS website and/or Moodle


My intent as a teacher is for you to earn the grade that you desire in chemistry.  You will accomplish this through classroom participation, timely completion of labs/homework and success on quizzes. 


Grades:  A cumulative weight of 85% is assigned to points earned during the semester with the remaining 15% being assigned to the final exam. The following grading scale will be used.


  • A 100 – 90.0%            B 89.9 - 80.0%           C 79.9 - 70.0%              D 69.9 – 60.0%
  • Quizzes 8-10/semester at 25 points each. (Approx. 75-85% of pre-exam grade)
  • P.Sets/Labs 8-10/semester at 5-10 points each.  (Approx. 15-25% of pre-exam grade)


Classroom Expectations:  To be successful, you should follow these guidelines:


  • Chemistry is sometimes considered a difficult subject, so please pay attention and do not distract other students.
  • Comply with the school/district policies outlined in the student handbook.
  • Actively participate during labs, group activities, and class discussion.
  • Adhere to all lab safety instructions and precautions.
  • Complete homework and reading guides. (This will make you proficient in chemistry.) 
  • Cell phones may not be used or be apparent in class or the lab at any time. This is the new district policy and we will adhere to it in our classes.
  • Quizzes will be a combination of individual and group efforts. Cheating on tests will be handled according to PBIS standards.


Laboratory Expectations:  Deadline for lab write-ups is the day of the chapter quiz.


  • Attend class  (Many activities cannot be duplicated outside of the class period.)
  • Laboratory experiments are an essential part of chemistry and must be completed. 
  • (Make-up for labs missed)  Students are expected to print and use the “Make-Up Lab” provided on the instructor’s website to complete the lab assignment. 
  • After the due date and with instructor’s permission, students may turn in 100% completed labs/homework for full credit, reduced score or omit.  This will depend on circumstance (school activities, illness, family vacation, etc.) and teacher consultation. 


Quiz Retake Eligibility:  Deadline for make-up/retakes of quizzes is one day BEFORE the next chapter quiz.  You will NOT be allowed to retake a test on the same day the next test is scheduled to be taken!

  • A maximum score of 22/25 will be awarded to students who retake by the deadline, therefore, retaking quizzes often will almost completely eliminate your chances for achieving an A in chemistry.
  • Homework/labs must be corrected to 100% for retake eligibility.  (For grading purposes, the original homework score will be kept in the gradebook.
  • With teacher permission, a maximum score of 15/25 will be awarded to students who had less than 80% of homework/labs completed or take/retake a quiz after the deadline. 



Exceptions apply to all rules above on an individual basis with teacher consultation. Please talk with me if you need special considerations due to extenuating circumstances.

Additionally, AP students will complete one lab report/semester at 25 points.  

  • A detailed outline and rubric for lab reports is included in the student lab manual.
  • A list of labs eligible for write-up is provided below.  Students MUST have been present during the collection of lab data to report on that particular experiment.  (Proof of attendance is shown by a stamp on the “Messy Page” given during the lab activity.)
  • Students may turn in their completed lab report at any time during the semester through the due date.  Reports may be accepted after the due date at a reduced score.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for completing/turning in the lab report before the Quarter 1/ Quarter 3 deadline for each semester respectively.



The following is a list of the labs that may be used for the 25 point write-up.  You MUST have been present during the lab to use the lab for write-up!


1st Semester Labs:

  • Lab#4-2 Analysis of a Silver Alloy
  • Lab#5-2 Determination of the Ideal Gas Constant
  • Lab#5-3 Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid
  • Lab#7-4 The Analysis of Brass


2nd Semester Labs:

  • Lab#13-1 The Determination of an Equilibrium Constant
  • Lab#15-1 Titrations of Acids and Bases
  • Lab#16-2 Empirical Formula of an Unknown  Chloride
  • Lab#18-1 Analysis of Commercial Bleach


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