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Classroom Rules

Classroom rules

Industrial Technology

Mr. Senska


Grading Policy

    Worksheets and tests will be graded on an equal basis


     90 ----   100 = A

     80 ----   89.9 = B

     70 ----   79.9 = C

     60 ----   69.9 = D

     below     59.9 = F


In lab classes—

     The classroom grade (combination of quizzes and test) will be 67%.  The other 33% will be determined from a vocational grade.  This is based on attitude, responsibility, safefy, cooperation and others


What to bring to class

    Students need to bring a pencil to class everyday.  For laboratory classes, the students need to have safety glasses.  The students will have a locker and are welcome to bring in a aprons or coverall if they choose.



     Attendance is very important in a lab class.  The vocational grade will address absences.  Students are expected to be in their chairs ready for class when the bell rings.



     The labs have many metal topped machines and metal rusts easily.  Pop and food are not permitted in the classroom or lab area.


Cell phones, pagers and cameras

     Students are not allowed to use any communication devices during class time.  If this is a problem the student will be referred to the office after a warning.



     Students will use their planners for a hall pass.  There must be permission received from the teacher or staff member before leaving the classroom.  Failure to obtain permission will result in an absences.  Students are not allowed to go to the snack bar during class time.  Abuse of the passes will result in the student losing his/her opportunity to use them.



     Students are responsible for class fees, example, project material.  Students are also responsible for equipment they use and the well being of that equipment.  A bill will be received toward the end of the semester, it is appreciated that it be taken care as soon as possible.




     Students are expected to follow safety rules and procedures in all lab classes.  Failure to do so will result in one of the conditions below happening.  This depends on the severity of the infraction.


     1st offense------------ warning

     2nd offense------------ trip to administration

3rd offense------------ removal from class for 1 or 2 days, meeting with administrator and parents to if students will continue in the class.

4th offense------------removal from class for remainder of the semester.


Semester Tests

    Semester tests will count 20% of the final grade.  However if a senior has 2 ‘A’s for quarter grades, they are not required to take the final tests.  All other students will take the final in the time it is scheduled.  Failure to take the final will result in an ‘F’ and a 0.00 figured for that part of the semester grade.



     Time can be arranged to work after school, possibly even during school.  Listed below are phone numbers and an e-mail address where I can be reached.


Lonne Senska e-mail


phone at school



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