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Ceramics I

Ceramics and Sculpture I
Mayo High School

Course Objectives
Students will be involved in creative
endeavors which support the Minnesota
Academic Standards in the Arts.

Artistic interpretation, creativity and
performance will be focused on. Students will develop, revise, and evaluate their works.

In Ceramics and Sculpture students will incorporate the elements and principles of design into their work. They will view sculptural examples of other cultures and times to learn of the methods and styles used by others and the impact of the art on civilization. Students are challenged to express themselves in new ways.

Ceramics and Sculpture students will primarily experience hand building techniques such as slab and coil as well as learn about surface design, glazing and the firing process. The potter’s wheel will be introduced. Students may experiment with a variety of methods and media to create three dimensional sculpture.

The visual arts provide a multitude of areas for growth and development. Participation in the daily studio work is an important experience which will provide students with opportunities to communicate ideas, problem solve, enhance critical thinking skills, practice responsibility, and gain confidence.

While letter grades are our system in place, I prefer to evaluate students understanding of the standards set by the Minnesota Department of Education and the National Associate of Art Educators. Skyward grading system does however require me to enter percentages. The following is currently my way of combining the two until Standards Based Grading becomes the norm.

Standards and benchmarks knowledge and skills are built into projects and students are graded not on the finished work so much as their growth and understanding of the visual arts.

Grading translates to…
     5   Exemplary    Exceeds Standards                            101% +
     4   Proficient      Meeting Standards(Great Work!)         80-100%        A
     3   Novice          Meets Standards (Fair Work.)              60-79%          B
     2   Emerging      Progress toward Meeting Standards   40-59%          C
     1                        Does Not Meet Standards                   20-39%          D
     0                        Little or No Attempt Made                      0-19%          F

Mrs. Diane Lund

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